“We are so thankful for Medi-Share. We actually had to use it for the first time in September 2021. My husband got Covid. He also had double pneumonia and a bacterial infection in both lungs. Doctors told him he would not be coming out of the hospital. With the prayers and help of Medi-Share he did come home. I called Medi-Share and was so thankful they prayed with me as many times as I wanted. All of our bills have been met. I appreciate them so much words cannot even express how I feel. I thank God every day for the people who prayed. Thank you Medi-Share.” 

-Darla S.

Medi-Share Pastors' Alliance

The Medi-Share Pastors’ Alliance is growing! More than 3,550 members are a part of the community, which offers access to services and resources for pastors and connects them with other church leaders. Members participated in the “Thrive and Cultivate Mental Health Summit for Church Leaders” in May of 2021, which addressed the challenges pastors are facing now, more than ever.

Government Affairs

As the most trusted name in health care sharing, it is our responsibility through proactive and thoughtful measures to protect the freedom of our Medi-Share members to choose a health care option that works for them. Government advocacy is about building relationships and trust and we are blessed to not do it alone.  From our faithful members who are ready to share their Medi-Share experiences, to the work of the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, we continue to grow our nationwide influence.

State Of The Ministry

For many of us 2021 was a blur. Where 2020 seemed to drag on, 2021 never slowed down. A year filled with uncertainty and constant change, it was one I will not forget.

As a health care sharing ministry, we continued to experience challenges related to COVID, and pivoted frequently to address the ongoing and ever-changing needs of our Medi-Share members and employees. 

The one constant during the last year was the faithfulness of our Father. Through sickness and health, through change and challenges, our God is faithful to this ministry and the members we serve. As 

Message From The CEO

Sharing Highlights


Total Shared and Discounted in FY 21

Nearly 4,100 Medi-Share members participated in our comprehensive 2021 Member Survey in which we asked for input to help us shape the future of Medi-Share. It’s important for us to know what is working well and, more importantly, what we can do to better serve our members.

We were pleased to learn that an overwhelming majority of our members feel great about the Medi-Share program and would recommend it to friends and family! Additionally, the majority of those who responded affirmed Medi-Share is affordable, a good value, and meets their health care needs. While we continue to make improvements so we can deliver the best member experience, we’re encouraged by some of the amazing things our members have been able to do since joining Medi-Share like increase their giving, sponsoring children, and participating in foreign or domestic missions. Facilitating the work of God by helping our members save money is a critical part of why we do what we do at Christian Care Ministry.

Member Survey Highlights

National Outreach Program

Christian Care Ministry employees volunteered for a week in Los Angeles, serving the homeless, providing free medical and dental resources, and announced its commitment to provide a mobile medical clinic to serve 2,000 uninsured residents annually through the Lestonnac Free Clinic. Christian Care Ministry / Medi-Share also relieved $2.5 million in medical debt for area residents with a donation through Missions.Me.

CEO of Christian Care Ministry, Scott Reddig explains, “Our outreach strategy is to build up and empower our Medi-Share medical cost sharing community of members, providers, and employees, to connect with other organizations who are doing their part to be the hands and feet of Christ and, ultimately, fulfill the Great Commission. We were excited about 1DayLA as we served alongside our national outreach partners during this transformative event, and demonstrated how CCM’s involvement can multiply the impact of these partners .”

1Day LA

Christian Care Ministry celebrated its 4th Annual Day of Sharing on Saturday, October 2, 2021. More than 200 employees and their families served organizations in their local communities of Brevard County, Florida and Colorado Springs, Colorado as a way to celebrate “sharing,” which is a cornerstone of the Medi-Share program.

Employees serve the local community year-round as part of the ministry’s formalized volunteer program. They receive up to up to three paid days each year for volunteer service and many use this time to serve local churches, ministries, and other community organizations. Last year alone, employees served more than 4,000 hours in their local communities. 


Medi-Share By the Numbers


Total Shared and Discounted Since 1993


Total Shared and Discounted in FY 21

2021 Total New Members

2021 Total New Households

Annual Audited Numbers

Revenue for the year-ended June 30, 2021 was $122.8 million as compared to $135.9 million in the previous year. Expenses increased to $121.6 million from $121.5 million and net assets decreased to $1.2 million, while cash and investments-on-hand increased to approximately $79.1 million at fiscal year-end.

Christian Care Ministry, Inc.
Consolidated Statements of Activities

Christian Care Ministry, Inc.
Consolidated Statements of Financial Position

Total Members as of 6/30/21

Breakdown of Sharing

Internal Numbers

Shared for Births

Shared for Cancer

Shared for Heart Disease

Total Bills Processed

Inbound Calls

Outbound Calls

Total Extra Blessings Contributions

Total Adoptions 
Since 1993

FY20 Extra Blessings Contributions 
(no late fees)

“I have been a Medi-Share member for almost two years and I am very pleased with Medi-Share. Understanding health insurance and healthcare sharing programs is not easy. As a family physician, I have the advantage of knowing both the physician and the patient side of health insurance and healthcare sharing programs, so I am not the average member. As a disciple of Jesus, it is a blessing to share in meeting the health needs of others through my monthly share amount. I wanted to control my costs rather than pay a health insurance company more money than my healthcare actually costs.” 

-Inis B.

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Total Shared and Discounted Since 1993

Total Households as of 6/30/21

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In alignment with Christian Care Ministry’s Vision of “Transforming Society Through the Biblical Model of Sharing,” the National Outreach program utilizes partnerships with like-minded organizations to impact the Kingdom for Christ. At Christian Care Ministry, we believe that the strength of our community is not only caring for one another, but also being a light to people in need around us.

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Partnering to help break the burden of medical debt across the world.

Empowering communities to care for vulnerable children and families.

Partnering to impact the kingdom by training future leaders.

For the second year in a row, Christian Care Ministry earned the Great Place to Work designation. This comprehensive survey measures employee satisfaction, but more importantly, trust. 82% of our employees say this is a great place to work, compared to 59% of employees at a typical US-based company.

Great Place to Work


Hours Volunteered In FY21

“I have been a Medi-Share member since 2012 and was diagnosed last November with thyroid cancer. When Kim first reached out to me, I had recently gotten my thyroid cancer diagnosis. I was actually researching endocrine surgeons and praying for wisdom to navigate what lay ahead. Her call was literally a touch from God for me at that moment. You can't put a price tag on what Kim and the Care Management program did for me. And praise God, I am doing well! No sign of cancer at my last scan in February. God is GOOD, and He has shown His goodness to me through Medi-Share for nine years. My family and I are grateful!” 

-Theresa N.

“When I first joined Medi-Share I needed heart surgery to correct an Arrhythmia and I was still within my waiting period so it was not eligible for sharing. The person I spoke to said I should apply for the Extra Blessing program and see if that could help. I was approved and over 80% of my bills were shared. The notes and prayers from other members, none of whom I had met, were incredible during my recovery.” 

-Chris D.

Fiscal Year 22 Updates

Medi-Share 65+

Medi-Share 65+ is a new and improved supplementary medical bill sharing program for seniors 65 and older with Medicare Parts A and B. In comparison to other Medicare supplement options on the market, Medi-Share 65+ is a particularly affordable option that helps fill in the financial gaps for seniors during their retirement years. Medi-Share 65+ offers members a lower AHP of $500 for just $99 a month for ages 65-74, and $150 a month for ages 75 and older and includes inflation protection (up to 10 year price guarantee), access to telehealth, behavioral counseling, and other discounts for vision, dental, and more!

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Provider Network Expansion

CCM has begun an extensive process of exploring new options to better serve our Medi-Share members, which was a concern expressed in the recent member survey. Along with efforts to expand our network, there will be other changes that will need to be considered by the members and presented in a member ballot for your consideration. Look for more information and a ballot later this year.

Medi-Share Value

A more hands on approach to health care sharing, this new program option is designed for members who are willing to select doctors based on clear pricing estimates, rather than their membership to a particular network. This affordable program option is a great fit for those who take personal responsibility for their healthcare, value price transparency, and prefer using technology to search for the best provider, complete a notification process, and submit bills for reimbursement.

Hours Served

Lives Touched

Mobile Clinic

$2.5 Million
Medical Debt Relief

Overall Satisfaction

Customer Experience

What Would Make Medi-Share More Valuable To You?

Very or Somewhat Satisfied

Of those contacting Member Services had resolution in 1st call

Very Satisfied 
with Attitude of Representative

Very Satisfied with Prayer Offered

More providers available

A trimmed down version of Medi-Share with deeper discounts for self pay


Project K.E.E.P.

Christian Care Ministry launched a new prayer initiative in 2021 for elected officials and their legislative staff. Each day our Medi-Share members and employees are praying for specific elected officials by name.  

Praying for those in office is one way we can share words of encouragement that will lead to a positive impact in our communities and lighten the burden of our leaders.

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Transforming society through the Biblical model of sharing.

Connecting people to a Christ-centered community wellness experience based on faith, prayer, and personal responsibility.

“No matter what we did, it was the fact that we were present with these people, we were putting ourselves in their shoes, being servants and representing the hands and feet of Jesus. There was no agenda, no forcefulness, or need to witness a miracle to believe that change was happening. We knew that as we represented what the love of Jesus looks like, the Lord was stirring up hearts and using just a small group of people to impact his kingdom.”

Read more about “Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus”

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“To be able to pray with a member before actually disconnecting that call you just get goosebumps and you know it’s God leading you to that person.”

The "Why" Behind What We Do

CCM Employees Give Back

Evelio Silvera

VP, Communications & Government Affairs

Brandon Harvath

Chief Operations Officer

Scott Reddig

Chief Executive Officer